Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Tale of Two Berny Brides

This  December 2014, there were two Berny Brides who got married on two consecutive days. Both had their scheduled trial makeup with me, prior to their “big day”.  And as we met at our studio, both had their fiance’s tailing them to see the trial makeup session. Apparently, both Grooms-to—be, as most Grooms are,  wanted  to give their approval about their fiancee’s  bridal makeover for their Wedding day.

As both Brides sat on my table at each of their appointed time, I gave them my “signature” Bridal no-makeup look for their perusal. This so called natural look I would always make light enough for the naked eyes, and yet intense enough for the camera to capture, at the same time taking into consideration simplicity, elegance and timelessness. And thus what you see in picture is the same as what you see up front.

But as it turned out, our two Grooms-to-be have totally different views about makeup. The Groom of Ms Cathy, the first Bride in this story, loves seeing his fiancĂ©e all dolled-up in full makeup whenever the occasion permits. At the end of my trial makeup session with Ms Cathy,  we all agreed  on a more intense look for their evening Ceremony.  All this is in huge consideration of course of the happy approval of her Groom.

The second Bride in this story however has a totally different story.  Her Groom-to-be want his Bride to have as light makeup as possible for their big day. He wants it so light that he found my signature no-makeup-look still too intense for his taste. And so we agreed on an even more subdued Bridal makeover, which still went well for their morning Wedding Ceremony.
In the end, both their Wedding days went by smoothly. Both couples were happy with the Bridal Hair, Makeup and Grooming I gave them.

And so the message of this story is:  “Makeup is also associated with personality.”

I am quite confident that I can deliver what my clients want as long as they have at least an idea of what it is. Sometimes clients arrive for trial makeup not prepared. This is when the guessing game starts. And for us Makeup artists, that could be hard, considering there is sooooo many possibilities with makeup and this so called ‘fresh natural look”.

Note: My Bride tomorrow has agreed to have my signature look, but with a little twist.  She wants her eyes to appear larger. Of course that should easily be done. A few adjustment of brush strokes should do the trick.  I’m ready for her.   :-)

'Wishing everyone a blessed and prosperous 2015! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Regret Text

Every time I arrive at the Wedding Preps, this scenario usually happens....

First, the Bride welcomes our team and we start with her Bridal Makeover. As I do her hair and makeup, she happily starts the day while waiting for her relatives, friends and the other suppliers to arrive. Every one of my Brides are always hopeful that after months (or even years) of preparations, this special day has finally arrived and will turn out to be just as they expected it. Then I will hear her cellphone beep for the arrival of what I call “regret text”. It would generally say “Best Wishes. Sorry I cannot attend your Wedding because.....(then comes some flimsy reason from having nothing formal to wear, busy at work, not feeling well etc).

So this is my question: Should a visitor send a text or not to the Bride on the morning of the Wedding day that he is not coming to the occasion? Personally, I believe they should NOT. They are just giving the Bride undue stress (which I always witness with sadness). RSPVs have been arranged days before the Wedding day. These visitors have no idea how many other friends/relatives were booted out from the list of invites just to accommodate the special 300, 200 or 100 guests that their hard earned budget was able to afford, this regret texter being one of them.

In the long run, whether they texted the Bride or not, it would still mean a lonely empty chair or two in their event. And it will be too late to replace them with other more willing attendees. Truly it is such a shame. Worst, they made the Bride feel bad on the morning of her Wedding by announcing their non-arrival. 

Therefore I believe it is more appropriate to send apologies after the event unless the text would change the outcome of his absence in the end. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Groom

As my Berny Bride walks down the aisle, I check out the Groom. For it is also the Groom I try to please with my bridal makeovers. Often times I see them tight lipped with a hint of a smile, watching his Bride intently and slightly nodding. It is “Her” in white that he sees coming …. not just a beautiful lady with tons of makeup on her face.

Featured in a Magazine

Today I came across a beauty magazine from a well known brand of hair styling products. The brand is so well known that anything that is coming from them is considered factual in the hair dressing industry. The so called magazine's claim is “Empowering all who makes the Filipina Beautiful”.

But looking at this magazine, is it really about empowerment of ALL deserving hair dressers in the land? Yes the magazine is teeming with pictures of models all dolled up using hair colorants, curlers and makeup. Featured with them are the hairdressers who laboured on the so call “creations” and now call themselves “the artists”.

I am happy for these fellow hair dressers for having their creations and profiles featured on a prestigious magazine such as this. But then I also I started thinking, what do these hair dressers have, that the thousands of other hairdressers in the Philippines don't, that they would merit a recognition as sweet as this.

Then it dawned on me. Looking at the profiles of this so called “renowned” hair dressers, they are all employees of big known salons. The salons with so wealthy owners who can afford to put up chains of branches overnight. It is these wealthy people our Product Brand Co will swoon to, in order to sell their products by the bulk. Sadly, this magazine is not really about empowering the best artist in the land afterall. It is merely a marketing ploy for some priviledged few to justify their exorbitant charges for a hair cut and a color. So that these so called “priviledged few” will gain more money to buy more bulk of products from our Product Brand Company. And the cycle goes on, pulling every unsuspecting consumer who happens to read this marketing flyer disguised as a magazine.

On this note, my advice to anyone who wants to have a makeover, is be open in checking out the good hair dressing artists around you. The genuine ones would give you their time and serve you well at a more reasonable rate. When you find them, be thankful and treasure them. Your friendship will mean a lot to them. They will cherish every friendly recommendations that you will send their way. And our world will be a happy place with beautiful friends by our side and good savings in our pockets.

My friendly advice to everyone is to be on a constant look out. A good artist's name will spread like wildfire through the grapevine. He does not need to be pushed in magazines to be noticed.  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Booking A Wedding Supplier

When booking a Wedding Supplier, we should not quantify in terms of the amount of makeup or memory card or the length and volume of ribbons and cloths they will use for your Wedding. For these things are just supplemental to their service. Although these things are readily available everywhere, they remain as raw materials without the proper execution of your wedding supplier.

As you book them for your Wedding, you are commissioning them to give you their service. Using their time, talent and the experience that they have honed through the years, they will be creating for your something that will complete, make beautiful and memorable your Wedding day.

So what you are really paying for is their time and expertise. In return they will create for you something that only they can provide. For every creation of each wedding supplier is an artwork of their own.

And so why does rates of suppliers differ? It is because that is how they value their time and self worth. Depending on the bargain you get, you will usually receive a service worth the value of your money. But like stock market rates, some suppliers may be under rated for a time That should be a good catch for you. My is advice that you hold on to him and consider yourself lucky for finding him.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Coloring Hair....for the sake of beauty

We  color our hair for the primary reason of wanting to look good. May it be for the purpose of simply covering gray hair or following the fashion trend of the season, our aim  is mainly to enhance our looks. That is why, as we go through the process of hair coloring, there are some things we need to consider in order to maximize benefits we could attain from it.   

1. Choose your color wisely. The color you choose should compliment your skin tone. If by any chance the color of your choice does not suit you well, it is then you should consider having 2 tone coloring. 

2. Choose your style. The current fashion trend may be really nice and loud. But if it does not compliment your simple nature, it might give the same impression of wearing borrowed clothes from a friend of different personality.

3. Treat your hair color like makeup on your face. Makeup haphazardly done would sometimes give degrading effect on ones looks instead of improvement. Hair color should be even. It should appear like you were born with it. In the case of two tone or three tone colors, the highlights should be as symmetrical as that of a tiger, unless you are aiming for the bolder and adventurous high fashion trends. As I’ have mentioned above, your personality would play a big part on your choice of style and color.