Monday, May 26, 2014

Featured in a Magazine

Today I came across a beauty magazine from a well known brand of hair styling products. The brand is so well known that anything that is coming from them is considered factual in the hair dressing industry. The so called magazine's claim is “Empowering all who makes the Filipina Beautiful”.

But looking at this magazine, is it really about empowerment of ALL deserving hair dressers in the land? Yes the magazine is teeming with pictures of models all dolled up using hair colorants, curlers and makeup. Featured with them are the hairdressers who laboured on the so call “creations” and now call themselves “the artists”.

I am happy for these fellow hair dressers for having their creations and profiles featured on a prestigious magazine such as this. But then I also I started thinking, what do these hair dressers have, that the thousands of other hairdressers in the Philippines don't, that they would merit a recognition as sweet as this.

Then it dawned on me. Looking at the profiles of this so called “renowned” hair dressers, they are all employees of big known salons. The salons with so wealthy owners who can afford to put up chains of branches overnight. It is these wealthy people our Product Brand Co will swoon to, in order to sell their products by the bulk. Sadly, this magazine is not really about empowering the best artist in the land afterall. It is merely a marketing ploy for some priviledged few to justify their exorbitant charges for a hair cut and a color. So that these so called “priviledged few” will gain more money to buy more bulk of products from our Product Brand Company. And the cycle goes on, pulling every unsuspecting consumer who happens to read this marketing flyer disguised as a magazine.

On this note, my advice to anyone who wants to have a makeover, is be open in checking out the good hair dressing artists around you. The genuine ones would give you their time and serve you well at a more reasonable rate. When you find them, be thankful and treasure them. Your friendship will mean a lot to them. They will cherish every friendly recommendations that you will send their way. And our world will be a happy place with beautiful friends by our side and good savings in our pockets.

My friendly advice to everyone is to be on a constant look out. A good artist's name will spread like wildfire through the grapevine. He does not need to be pushed in magazines to be noticed.  

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