Sunday, August 4, 2013

Color and Rebonding

 Is it safe to color and rebond the same time?
Should we give it a few weeks rest before we do the other process?

In hair coloring, there are two classifications. We can go darker or go lighter. If your aim is to color your hair darker after the rebonding process, by all means do it. But make sure you are using the right products for the job.

But if your main goal is to have a lighter shade for your newly rebonded hair, that's when the problem comes in. I say it is still very much possible. But it should be done the right way.

My solution for the color rebonding process is to color first before rebonding. Although some hair are just too resilient that they can handle if done the other way around. But just the same, it is taking big risk on the fate of your hair. In the end, the goal may be achieved but the hair is left looking dry.

In order to achieve a lighter shade of hair, one has to use a stronger mixture of colorants and peroxide. If you use something milder than the mixture required, you might not achieve the light color that you are aiming for. If your hair has just undergone rebonding that day, there is a big chance it will not react well. Branded rebonding products on the other hand has different variants. Choose the right variant for your new chemically colored hair and it will still do the job nicely.