Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Tale of Two Berny Brides

This  December 2014, there were two Berny Brides who got married on two consecutive days. Both had their scheduled trial makeup with me, prior to their “big day”.  And as we met at our studio, both had their fiance’s tailing them to see the trial makeup session. Apparently, both Grooms-to—be, as most Grooms are,  wanted  to give their approval about their fiancee’s  bridal makeover for their Wedding day.

As both Brides sat on my table at each of their appointed time, I gave them my “signature” Bridal no-makeup look for their perusal. This so called natural look I would always make light enough for the naked eyes, and yet intense enough for the camera to capture, at the same time taking into consideration simplicity, elegance and timelessness. And thus what you see in picture is the same as what you see up front.

But as it turned out, our two Grooms-to-be have totally different views about makeup. The Groom of Ms Cathy, the first Bride in this story, loves seeing his fiancée all dolled-up in full makeup whenever the occasion permits. At the end of my trial makeup session with Ms Cathy,  we all agreed  on a more intense look for their evening Ceremony.  All this is in huge consideration of course of the happy approval of her Groom.

The second Bride in this story however has a totally different story.  Her Groom-to-be want his Bride to have as light makeup as possible for their big day. He wants it so light that he found my signature no-makeup-look still too intense for his taste. And so we agreed on an even more subdued Bridal makeover, which still went well for their morning Wedding Ceremony.
In the end, both their Wedding days went by smoothly. Both couples were happy with the Bridal Hair, Makeup and Grooming I gave them.

And so the message of this story is:  “Makeup is also associated with personality.”

I am quite confident that I can deliver what my clients want as long as they have at least an idea of what it is. Sometimes clients arrive for trial makeup not prepared. This is when the guessing game starts. And for us Makeup artists, that could be hard, considering there is sooooo many possibilities with makeup and this so called ‘fresh natural look”.

Note: My Bride tomorrow has agreed to have my signature look, but with a little twist.  She wants her eyes to appear larger. Of course that should easily be done. A few adjustment of brush strokes should do the trick.  I’m ready for her.   :-)

'Wishing everyone a blessed and prosperous 2015! 

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